US Lab Radiation Dosimetry

Downloadable table: Dose_data_(US_Lab)_3-20-23.xlsx

Note: The absorbed doses are typically measured with a high degree of precision. However due to confounding factors, in particular the differences in local shielding around the payload and around the instrument, unless otherwise noted the doses to the payload should be considered to be accurate to within ~10%, based on known variations to the radiation dose across ISS modules.




  • COL - ESA Module ("Columbus")
  • JPM - Japanese Pressurized Module (part of "Kibo")
  • LAB - US Lab ("Destiny")
  • NOD1, NOD2, NOD3 = Nodes, which connect the elements of the ISS.
    • Node 1 ("Unity") connects the U.S. and Russian segments.
    • Node 2 ("Harmony") connects the U.S., European, and Japanese laboratories, as well as PMA-2.
    • Node 3 ("Tranquility") is attached to the port side of Node 1 and provides accommodation for life-support equipment.
  • SMP = Russian Service Module ("Zvezda")

4Absorbed dose is broken out into SAA and GCR contributions, estimated based on the ISS trajectory and a geomagnetic field model

Data are cumulative absorbed doses from preliminary analysis of results from instruments on the International Space Station, analyzed by subject matter experts from the Space Radiation Analysis Group (SRAG), NASA-JSC. (

For more detailed data, contact SRAG, through OSDR (

Use of the data are subject to the following rules:

  • Consultation with SRAG for data integrity and interpretation.
  • Acknowledgement of one or more subject matter experts from SRAG.