GeneLab Sequencing Standards and Services

Open Science data

To help maximize the value of precious biological spaceflight experiments, GeneLab generates datasets from various spaceflight and spaceflight relevant samples. Upon curation, these data are released immediately to the public through the GeneLab data system. A subset of datasets generated by GeneLab to date can be viewed here.

Proprietary PI data

GeneLab also works with NASA-funded principal investigators (PI's) to generate proprietary data using GeneLab standard assays. Currently, only scientists funded by the NASA Biological & Physical Sciences or NASA employees and contractors with an active WBS are eligible. Utilizing GeneLab services allows PI’s to take advantage of GeneLab’s experience processing space-flown tissues and to harmonize their data by utilizing GeneLab’s standard assays. Moreover, PI’s may be able to avoid certain overhead costs so that data may be generated more cost-effectively.

Standard assays

GeneLab has worked with its Analysis Working Group and Steering Committee to develop a set of sequencing standards. These standards include sample extraction, library generation, internal and external controls and sequencing parameters.

To date, GeneLab has finalized standards for Total RNA-sequencing.

Standard operating procedures

GeneLab uses a compendium of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for processing tissues and other biological samples into molecular analytes for molecular characterization. These protocols are available here

Sequencing service inquiries

GeneLab has a limited capacity to work with PI’s to generate non-proprietary data using GeneLab's budget, or proprietary data using the PI’s budget. As of now, PI’s need to be funded by the NASA Biological & Physical Sciences or be NASA employees to take advantage of these services.

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