AWG Workshop 2021


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November 10th and 12th 

10 AM - 2 PM PT

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What is an Analysis Working Group (AWG)?

The NASA GeneLab project established Analysis Working Groups with the goal of maximizing the generation of new knowledge from rare and complex spaceflight-relevant omics datasets within the GeneLab Data Systems.  AWG members are comprised of researchers, principal investigators, professors and students, all who join on a volunteer basis. The primary activity of each AWG is to establish analytical processes to generate higher-order data from data housed in the GeneLab Data System with relevance to one or more specific application areas.

What to expect this year?

Due to COVID, AWG members and the public have not had a chance to connect for some time to exchange technical knowledge.  But, we have adapted and are coming back virtually in 2021 with the goals of fostering science to rebuild momentum, reconnect with fellow AWG members and recruit new minds to add to our existing pool of talented scientists.  For the 2021 workshop, there will be a selection of keynote speakers, research presentations and cross-pollination development.  Here is a snapshot of how the workshop will be structured:

  • The workshop will be fully virtual. There will be two-half day sessions designed to highlight AWG accomplishments and recruit new AWG members.  
  • Connected by science. This workshop will allow AWG members and the public an opportunity to check out compelling science talks from keynote and invited speakers, along with research presentations from AWG members. There will also be two networking breakouts for AWG members to connect with the public and each other.  We are currently building the agenda for the public portion of the workshop.  Please check the GeneLab website for more information regarding the public sessions as the date nears.  

So come and join us for an invigorating workshop filled with science!

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Who's appearing at the workshop?

This workshop will bring together scientists that have diverse expertise in radiation biology, space physics, bioinformatics, biomedical sciences, plant molecular biology, immunology, molecular biology, microbiology, and biostatistics. 

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