International Labs Radiation Dosimetry

Downloadable table: Dose_data_(Int'l. labs)+LET threshold_3-20-23.xlsx

Note: The absorbed doses are typically measured with a high degree of precision. However due to confounding factors, in particular the differences in local shielding around the payload and around the instrument, unless otherwise noted the doses to the payload should be considered to be accurate to within ~10%, based on known variations to the radiation dose across ISS modules.





3Absorbed dose is broken out into components depending on the detector.

  • for SRAG data, "SAA" and "GCR" contributions are estimated based on the ISS trajectory and a geomagnetic field model
  • for DOSTEL, GCR and SAA are estimated based on count rate
  • for passive detectors (TLD, OSLD, track-etch) High- and Low-LET are determined by detector thresholds
  • (in general, TLD and OSLD are sensitive to LET ≤ 10 keV/un; track etch (CR-39, PADC) are sensitive to LET ≥ 10 keV/um))