Credits —
Agency Hello Monday
Script Sam McMillan
Photography NASA
Aerial footage Rasmus Kahlen
Microbiology footage Simon Park
Time lapse Cole Gentry
Music j.viewz
Voice artist David Bateson
Sound effects Rune Klausen,
Super Sonic
Color grading Colin Travers

Cutting-edge biology experiments conducted in space. Discoveries made. Results analyzed on big data platforms. Research shared. This is science amplified. What will you discover?

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This is GeneLab
Why It Matters

Biology in microgravity

Earth — Microgravity —
Ground vs. space

GeneLab provides a unique opportunity to conduct experiments in a one-of-a-kind environment to determine how the building blocks of life respond free of the constraints of gravity.

A Lab in Space

International Space Station

The International Space Station

The space station, including its large solar arrays, spans the area of a U.S. football field, including the end zones, and weighs 924,739 pounds. The complex now has more livable room than a conventional six-bedroom house, and has two bathrooms, a gymnasium and a 360-degree bay window.

Facts & Figures —
Mass 419,455 kg 924,739 lb.
Power Generation 84 Kilowatts 8 Solar Arrays
Habitable Volume 388 M3 13,696 ft3
Computer Code Lines Approximately 2,000,000