• Video: Overview of Webpage, Data Repository, and Tools

    Learn about NASA GeneLab, explore the Data Repository, use the Analysis Platform to analyze your data, and store and share your files with the Collaborative Workspace.

  • User Manual

    A user’s guide for navigating GeneLab

  • ISAcreator

    Learn how to use the GeneLab ISAcreator Tool to organize and upload metadata associated with space-relevant datasets

  • Data Submission Guide

    Instructions for how to submit data to GeneLab

  • Analysis Platform (Galaxy)

    A general guide for how to use the GeneLab Analysis Platform powered by Galaxy
    (To access the tutorial, users will first have to login to the GeneLab Analysis Platform or create an account.)

  • RNAseq Pipeline Using the Analysis Platform

    Step-by-step instructions to analyze a RNAseq dataset from raw reads through differential expression using the GeneLab pipeline on the Analysis Platform

  • RNA-Seq Analysis Video Tutorial

    Learn how to analyze RNA-Seq data using the GeneLab Analysis Platform with detailed instructions and explanations.