About Data Visualization

Learn more about GeneLab visualization tools

Welcome to NASA GeneLab - the first comprehensive space-related omics database; users can upload, download, share, store, analyze, and now visualize spaceflight and spaceflight-relevant data from experiments using model organisms.

GeneLab integrated visualization tools to allow users to interact with GeneLab processed data and promote new discoveries and develop new hypotheses from these space related studies. These tools were developed by our Visualization Working Group (VWG), which includes members from our scientific community to assist GeneLab as a collaboration with development of the visualization platform.

The Gene Comparison Analysis Tool (GCAT) was developed by Catharinus Dijkstra. This tool set includes:

  • Gene Expression query table
    • This table provides the normalized gene expression values for microarray datasets and normalized count values for RNA-seq datasets for each sample in the dataset.
  • Pair plot
    • This plot allows a user to compare overall gene expression data between to two samples from that dataset. 
  • Volcano plot
    • This is a scatter plot that compares the significance (i.e. p-values) vs the log fold-change values for the genes. This plot allows for a quick view of the most significantly regulated genes for each dataset.
  • Dendrogram
    • This is a tree diagram showing how the individual genes and samples will cluster together.

The S plot and Heatmap tool were developed by DAMVAD Analytics, Jess Alfredsen and Sebastian Steenssøn.

  • S plot
    • The S plot allows a user to determine how the genes in each dataset are impacting overall pathways. This interactive plot allows a user to adjust both significance and fold-change values to show which pathways are potentially being impacted for the dataset.
  • Heatmap
    • This is a graphical representation of the individual samples displaying how the overall genes are up- and down-regulated across all samples in the dataset. Clustering of both the genes and the samples are also displayed.

The API wrapper was developed by Kirill Grigorev. This wrapper uses the current GeneLab search API to call and parse the data to be visualized in these tools. 

More visualizations are coming soon!

Have feedback or questions, email us at arc-dl-genelab-datasystems@mail.nasa.gov