GLDS Studies from BION-M1 experiments

Accession Number Study Title
OSD-111 Global gene expression analysis highlights microgravity sensitive key genes in soleus and EDL of 30 days space-flown mice
OSD-135 Global gene expression analysis highlights microgravity sensitive key genes in longissimus dorsi and tongue of 30 days space-flown mice
OSD-139 Mouse muscle LC-MSMS upon weightlessness
OSD-192 Adaptive changes in the vestibular system of land snail to a 30-day spaceflight and readaptation on return to Earth
OSD-209 Re-adaptation on Earth after spaceflight affects the mouse liver proteome
OSD-232 The response of murine cartilages to 30 days of microgravity
OSD-345 Mouse femur LC-MSMS upon weightlessness


BION-M1 Radiation Dosimetry

Launch: 1000 UT 4/19/2013 (Baikonur, Kazakhstan)
Landing: 0312 UT 5/19/2013 (Orenburg region, Russia)
Orbit: apogee 585 km; perigee 555 km; inclination 65 deg

SPD1-41 Passive (thermoluminescent dosimeters, plastic nuclear track detectors) — charged particles
RD3-B32 Active (solid state, Liulin-type) — charged particles
(Operated 4/19-5/13)

Note: Tissues were obtained from surviving mice from the three animal habitats. Advise that data be used as averages and upper and lower bounds for radiation exposure.

Note: The absorbed doses are typically measured with a high degree of precision. However due to confounding factors, in particular the differences in local shielding around the payload and around the instrument, unless otherwise noted the doses to the payload should be considered to be accurate to within ~10%, based on known variations to the radiation dose across ISS modules.


locations of Radiation Detectors and Animal Holders inside BION-M1

SPD data1

  Avg. Abs. Dose D 
Abs. Dose 
SPD Low LET High LET Total Low LET High LET Total
1   1267 151 1418 37.82 4.507 42.33
2 546 84 630 16.30 2.507 18.81
3 713 112 825 21.28 3.343 24.63
4 1008 141 1149 30.09 4.209 34.30

1 From I. Ambrožová et al., Radiat. Meas. 106 (2017) 262-266.
2 Exposure duration was 29.85 days.


  • Low LET D measured with TLD
  • High LET D and H measured with PNTD


RD3-B3 data3

Avg. Abs. Dose D 
985 102.8 908 4.2

3 From T. Dachev et al., J. Atmos. Solar Terr. Phys. 123 (2015) 82-91.


  • GCR = galactic cosmic ray charged nuclei
  • IRB (SAA) = inner radiation belt (South Atlantic Anomaly)
  • ORB = outer radiation belt
  • Total (GCR+IRB+ORB) is somewhat greater than total, due to overlap in selection criteria (as defined in Dachev et al.)