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Polo, S. L., Saravia-Butler, A. M., Boyko, V., Dinh, M. T., Chen, Y., Fogle, H., Reinsch, S. S., et al., (2020). RNAseq Analysis of Rodent Spaceflight Experiments Is Confounded by Sample Collection Techniques,

Datasets: GLDS-47, GLDS-48, GLDS-49, GLDS-168, GLDS-235, GLDS-236

da Silveira, W. A., Fazelinia, H., Rosenthal, S. B., Laiakis, E. C., Kim, M. S., Meydan, C., Kidane, Y., et al., (2020). Comprehensive Multi-omics Analysis Reveals Mitochondrial Stress as a Central Biological Hub for Spaceflight Impact,

Datasets: GLDS-98, GLDS-99, GLDS-100, GLDS-101, GLDS-102, GLDS-103, GLDS-104, GLDS-105, GLDS-161, GLDS-162, GLDS-163, GLDS-168, GLDS-13, GLDS-52, GLDS-54, GLDS-114, GLDS-118, GLDS-174, GLDS-47, GLDS-48, GLDS-343

Afshinnekoo, E., Scott, R. T., MacKay, M. J., Pariset, E., Cekanaviciute, E., Barker, R., Gilroy, S., et al., (2020). Fundamental Biological Features of Spaceflight: Advancing the Field to Enable Deep-Space Exploration,

Barrila, J., Sarker, S. F., Hansmeier, N., Yang, S., Buss, K., Briones, N., Park, J., Davis, R. R., Forsyth, R. J., Ott, C. M., Sato, K., Kosnik, C., Yang, A., Shimoda, C., Rayl, N., Ly, D., Landenberger, A., Wilson, S. D., Yamazaki, N., Steel, J., Montano, C., Halden, R.U., Cannon, T., Castro-Wallace, S. L. and Nickerson, C. A., (2021).  Evaluating the effect of spaceflight on the host–pathogen interaction between human intestinal epithelial cells and Salmonella Typhimurium, Microgravity.

Dataset: GLDS-323

Manian, V., Orozco, J., Gangapuram, H., Janwa, H., and Agrinsoni, C., (2021). Network Analysis of Gene Transcriptions of Arabidopsis thaliana in Spaceflight Microgravity,

Datasets: GLDS-7 and GLDS-120

Nelson, C.A., Acuna, A.U., Paul, A.M., Scott, R.T., Butte, A.J., Cekanaviciute, E, Baranzini, S.E., and Costes, S.V., (2021). Knowledge Network Embedding of Transcriptomic Data from Spaceflown Mice Uncovers Signs and Symptoms Associated with Terrestrial Diseases, Life.

Datasets: GLDS-4, GLDS-244, GLDS-245, GLDS-246, GLDS-288, and GLDS-289.

Morrison, Michael D., Nicholson, Wayne L. "Comparisons of Transcriptome Profiles from Bacillus subtilis Cells Grown in Space versus High Aspect Ratio Vessel (HARV) Clinostats Reveal a Low Degree of Concordance. Astrobiology 2020,

Datasets: GLDS-31, GLDS-39, GLDS-14, GLDS-15

Califar, B., Tucker, R., Cromie, J., Sng, N., Schmitz, R. A., Callaham, J. A., Barbazuk, B., Paul, A-L, Ferl, R. J. (2020). Approaches for Surveying Cosmic Radiation Damage in Large Populations of Arabidopsis thaliana Seeds – Antarctic Balloons and Particle Beams, Gravitational and Space Research 6:2,

Dataset: GLDS-210

Jaing, C., Thissen, J., Morrison, M. et al. (2020) Sierra Nevada Sweep: Metagenomic Measurements of Bioaerosols Vertically Distributed Across the Troposphere. Sci Rep 10, 12399.

Dataset: GLDS-256

Bijlani, S., Singh, N.K., Mason, C.E., Wang, C.C.C., Venkateswaran, K., (2020). Draft genome sequences of Sphingomonas species associated with the International Space Station. Microbiology Resource Announcement, 9:e00578-20.

Dataset: GLDS-298