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Sanders L M, Chok H, Samson F, Acuna A U, Polo S H L, Boyko V, Chen Y C, et al (2022). Batch effect correction methods for NASA GeneLab transcriptomic datasets, Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences. doi: 10.3389/fspas.2023.1200132

Dataset: OSD-47, OSD-48, OSD-137, OSD-168, OSD-173, OSD-242, OSD-245

Malhan D, Yalçin M, Schoenrock B, Blottner D, and Relógio A, (2023). Skeletal muscle gene expression dysregulation in long-term spaceflights and aging is clock-dependent, npj Microgravity.

Dataset: OSD-99, OSD-101, OSD-103, OSD-104, OSD-105, OSD-370

Sadaki S, Fujita R, Hayashi T, Nakamura A, Okamura Y, Fuseya S, Hamada M, et al, (2023). Large Maf transcription factor family is a major regulator of fast type IIb myofiber determination, Cell Reports.

Dataset: OSD-104

Barker R, Kruse C P S, Johnson C, Saravia-Butler A, Fogle H, Chang H S, Trane R M, et al (2023). Meta-analysis of the space flight and microgravity response of the Arabidopsis plant transcriptome, npj Microgravity.

Dataset: OSD-7, OSD-17, OSD-37, OSD-38, OSD-44, OSD-46, OSD-120, OSD-121, OSD-136, OSD-147, OSD-205, OSD-208, OSD-213, OSD-218, OSD-251

Sakharkar A and Yang J, (2023). Designing a novel monitoring approach for the effects of space travel on astronauts’ health, Life.

Dataset: OSD-174

Çelen I, Jayasinghe A, Doh J H, and Sabanayagam C R, (2023). Transcriptomic Signature of the Simulated Microgravity Response in Caenorhabditis elegans and Comparison to Spaceflight Experiments, Cells.

Dataset: OSD-41, OSD-42, OSD-112, OSD-113

Cahill T, da Silveira W A, Renaud L, Wang H, Williamson T, Chung D, Chan S, et al, (2023). Investigating the effects of chronic low-dose radiation exposure in the liver of a hypothermic zebrafish model, Scientific Reports.

Dataset: OSD-47

Tierney B T, Singh N K, Simpson A C, Hujer A M, Bonomo R A, Mason C E, and Venkateswaran K, (2022). Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter pittii is adapting to and exhibiting potential succession aboard the International Space Station, Microbiome.

Datasets: OSD-252

Overbey E G, Das S, Cope H, Madrigal P, Andrusivova Z, Frapard S, Klotz R, et al, (2022). Challenges and considerations for single-cell and spatially resolved transcriptomics sample collection during spaceflight, Cell Reports Methods.

Dataset: GLDS-402, GLDS-403, GLDS-404, GLDS-405

Li H, Xue Y W, Quan Y, and Zhang H Y, (2022). Reducing virus infection risk in space environments through nutrient supplementation, Genes.

Dataset: GLDS-140