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Brittena R A, Sanford L D, Guo M L, Krishnan B, Emmett M R, Laiakis E C, (2022). A Sankofian appraisal on how to maximize translatability of rodent space radiation/CNS  studies to astronauts,” The Health Risks of Extraterrestrial Environments (THREE).

Mapstone L J, Leite M N, Purton S, Crawford I A, Dartnell L, (2021). Cyanobacteria and microalgae in supporting human habitation on Mars, Biotechnology Advances.

Dataset: GLDS-265

Grimm D, Schulz H, Krüger M, Cortés-Sánchez J L, Egli M, Kraus A, Sahana J, et al, (2022). The Fight against Cancer by Microgravity: The Multicellular Spheroid as a Metastasis Model, International Journal of Molecular

Ji G, Chang H, Yang M, Chen H, Wang T, Liu X, Lv K, et al, (2022). The mitochondrial proteomic changes of rat hippocampus induced by 28-day simulated microgravity, PLOS ONE. pone.0265108.

Russo C D, Bandiera T, Monici M, Surdo L, Yip V L M, Wotring V, Morbidelli L, (2022). Physiological adaptations affecting drug pharmacokinetics in space: what do we really know? A  critical review of the literature, British Journal of Pharmacology. DOI: 10.22541/au.162636523.37754419/v1

Reid M, (2022). The Biological Problems of Space Travel, Ideas Magazine

Lau P, Vico L, and Rittweger J, (2022). Dissociation of Bone Resorption and Formation in Spaceflight  and Simulated Microgravity: Potential Role of Myokines  and Osteokines?,

Butterworth K T, and Williams J P, (2021). Animal Models for Radiotherapy Research: All (Animal) Models Are Wrong but Some Are Useful, Cancers. 13061319

Michalettou T D, Michalopoulos I, Costes S V, Hellweg C E, Hada M, and Georgakilas A G, (2021). A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of High-LET Ionizing Radiations in Human Gene Expression, Life. life11020115

Neff E P, (2021). Animal models, open science, & space-omics, Lab Animal.