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Cahill T, Cope H, Bass J J, Overbey E G, Gilbert R, da Silveira W A, Paul A M, et al (2021). Mammalian and Invertebrate Models as Complementary Tools for
Gaining Mechanistic Insight on Muscle Responses to Spaceflight, International Journal of Molecular

Datasets: GLDS-3, GLDS-21, GLDS-99, GLDS-103, GLDS-104, GLDS-113, and GLDS-370

Manian V, Orozco-Sandoval J, and Diaz-Martinez V, (2021). Detection of Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana L. Responding to DNA Damage from Radiation and Other Stressors in Spaceflight,

Datasets: GLDS-7, GLDS-37, GLDS-38, GLDS-46, and GLDS-120

Paul A M, Overbey E G, da Silveira W A, Szewczyk N, Nishiyama N C, Pecaut M J, Anand S, et al, (2021). Immunological and hematological outcomes following protracted low dose/low dose rate ionizing radiation and simulated microgravity, Scientific Reports.

Datasets: GLDS-211

Haveman N J, Khodadad C L M, Dixit A R, Louyakis A S, Massa G D, Venkateswaran K, and Foster J S, (2021). Evaluating the lettuce metatranscriptome with MinION sequencing for future spaceflight food production applications, npj Microgravity.

Datasets: GLDS-307

Barker R, Costes SV, Miller J, Gebre SG, Lombardino J, Gilroy S, (2021).  Rad-Bio-App: a discovery environment for biologists to explore spaceflight-related radiation exposures, NPJ Microgravity.

Datasets: GLDS-4, GLDS-7, GLDS-16, GLDS-17, GLDS-25, GLDS-33, GLDS-41, GLDS-44, GLDS-50, GLDS-54, GLDS-58, GLDS-59, GLDS-61, GLDS-62, GLDS-72, GLDS-75, GLDS-83, GLDS-87, GLDS-95, GLDS-96GLDS-108, GLDS-112, GLDS-116, GLDS-120, GLDS-121, GLDS-133, GLDS-147, GLDS-205, GLDS-207, GLDS-213, GLDS-223, GLDS-243, GLDS-244, GLDS-245, GLDS-246, GLDS-247, GLDS-248, GLDS-249

Simpson A C, Urbaniak C, Singh N K, Wood J M, Debieu M, O’Hara N B, Mason C E, (2021). Draft Genome Sequences of Various Bacterial Phyla Isolated from the International Space Station, Microbiology Resource Announcements. DOI: 10.1128/MRA.00214-21

Datasets: GLDS-361

Brereton N J B, Pitre F E, Gonzalez E., (2021). Reanalysis of the Mars500 experiment reveals common gut microbiome alterations in astronauts induced by long-duration confinement, Computational and Structural Biotechnology

Datasets: GLDS-191

Uda Y, Spatz J M, Hussein A, Garcia J H, Lai F, Dedic C, Fulzele K, et al, (2021). Global transcriptomic analysis of a murine osteocytic cell line subjected to spaceflight, The FASEB

Datasets: GLDS-324

Overbey E G, Saravia-Butler A M, Zhang Z, Rathi K S, Fogle H, da Silveira W A, Barker R J, et al, (2021). NASA GeneLab RNA-seq consensus pipeline: standardized processing of short-read RNA-seq data,

Datasets: GLDS-168, GLDS-245

Blachowicz, A., Singh, N. K., Wood, J. M., Debieu, M., O’Hara, N. B., Mason, C. E., Venkateswarana, K., (2021). Draft Genome Sequences of Aspergillus and Penicillium Species Isolated from the International Space Station and Crew Resupply Vehicle Capsule, Microbiology Resource Announcements. 10.1128/MRA.01398-20

Datasets: GLDS-350