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Blachowicz, A., Singh, N. K., Wood, J. M., Debieu, M., O’Hara, N. B., Mason, C. E., Venkateswarana, K., (2021). Draft Genome Sequences of Aspergillus and Penicillium Species Isolated from the International Space Station and Crew Resupply Vehicle Capsule, Microbiology Resource Announcements. 10.1128/MRA.01398-20

Datasets: GLDS-350

Bijlani, S., Singh, N. K., Eedara, V. V. R., Podile, A. R., Mason, C. E., Wang, C. C. C., and Venkateswaran, K., (2021). Methylobacterium ajmalii sp. nov., Isolated From the International Space Station, Frontiers in

Datasets: GLDS-300

Laiakis, E. C., Shuryak, I., Deziel, A., Wang, Y., Barnette, B. L., Yu, Y., Ullrich, R. L., et al., (2021). Effects of Low Dose Space Radiation Exposures on the Splenic Metabolome, International Journal of Molecular

Datasets: GLDS-360

Scott, R.T., Grigorev, K., Mackintosh, G., Gebre, S. G., Mason, C. E., Del Alto, M. E., and Costes, S. V., (2020). Advancing the Integration of Biosciences Data Sharing to Further Enable Space Exploration, Cell Reports.


Nwanaji-Enwerem, J. C., Nwanaji-Enwerem, U., Van Der Laan, L., Galazka, J. M., Redeker, N. S., and Cardenas, A., (2020). A Longitudinal Epigenetic Aging and Leukocyte Analysis of Simulated Space Travel: The Mars-500 Mission, Cell Reports.

Datasets: GLDS-140

Paul, A, M., Cheng-Campbell, M., Blaber, E. A., Anand. S., Bhattacharya, S., Zwart, S. R., Crucian, B. E., et al., (2020). Beyond Low Earth Orbit: Characterizing the Immune Profile Following Simulated Spaceflight Conditions for Deep Space Missions, iScience.

Datasets: GLDS-336

Wuu, Y., Hu, B., Okunola, H., Paul, A. M., Blaber, E. A., Cheng-Campbell, M., Beheshti, A., et al., (2020). LET-Dependent Low Dose and Synergistic Inhibition of Human Angiogenesis by Charged Particles: Validation of miRNAs that Drive Inhibition,

Datasets: GLDS-334 and GLDS-336

Malkani, S., Chin, C. R., Cekanaviciute. E., Mortreux, M., Okinula, H., Tarbier, M., Schreurs, A. S., et al., (2020). Circulating miRNA Signature Predicts and Rescues Health Risks Associated with Spaceflight, Cell Reports.

Datasets: GLDS-334, GLDS-335, GLDS-336, and GLDS-337

Madrigal, P., Gabel, A., Villacampa, A., Manzano, A., Deane, C. S., Bezdan, D.,  Carnero-Diaz, E., et al., (2020). Revamping Space-omics in Europe, Cell Systems.

Manzano, A., Villacampa, A., Saez-Vasquez, J., Kiss, J. Z., Medina, F. J., and Herranz, R., (2020). The Importance of Earth Reference Controls in Spaceflight -Omics Research: Characterization of Nucleolin Mutants from the Seedling Growth Experiments,

Dataset: GLDS-313