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Shymanovicha T, Vandenbrink J P, Herranz R, Medina F J, Kiss J Z, (2021). Spaceflight studies identify a gene encoding an intermediate filament  involved in tropism pathways, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.

Dataset: GLDS-251

Waters S M, Ledford S M, Wacker A, Verma S, Serda B, McKaig J, Varelas J, et al, (2021). Long-read sequencing reveals increased occurrence of genomic variants and adenosine methylation in Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 after long-duration flight exposure onboard the International Space Station, International Journal of Astrobiology.

Dataset: GLDS-383

Theriot C A, Chevez-Barrios P, Loughlin T, Beheshti A, Mercaldo N D, Zanello S B, (2021). The Impact of Hindlimb Suspension on the Rat Eye: A Molecular and Histological Analysis of the Retina, Gravitational and Space

Dataset: Coming soon

Hammond T G, Nislow C, Christov I C, Batuman V, Nagrani P P, Barazandeh M, Upadhyay R, et al (2021). Cell spinpods are a simple inexpensive suspension culture device to deliver fuid shear stress to renal proximal tubular cells, Scientific Reports.

Dataset: Coming soon

Rettig T A, Tan J C, Nishiyama N C, Chapes S K, Pecaut M J, (2021). An Analysis of the Effects of Spaceflight and Vaccination on Antibody Repertoire Diversity, ImmunoHorizons.  doi:

Datasets: GLDS-141, GLDS-164, GLDS-201, and GLDS-214

Haveman N J, Schuerger A C, (2021). Diagnosing an Opportunistic Fungal Pathogen on Spaceflight-Grown Plants Using the MinION Sequencing Platform, Astrobiologydoi: 10.1089/ast.2021.00491

Dataset: GLDS-358

Manian V, Orozco-Sandoval J, and Diaz-Martinez V, (2021). An integrative network science and artificial intelligence drug repurposing approach for muscle atrophy in spaceflight microgravity, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2021.732370

Datasets: GLDS-4, GLDS-244, GLDS-245, GLDS-246, GLDS-288, and GLDS-289

Wood J M, Peres J B, Bateh J, Singh N K, Aronson H S, Hendrickson R, Mason C E, et al (2021). Draft genome sequences of heat shock-tolerant microbes isolated from a spacecraft assembly facility, Microbiology Resource Announcements.

Datasets: GLDS-391

Simpson A C, Urbaniak C, Bateh J R, Singh N K, Wood J M, Debieu M, O’Hara N B, et al (2021). Draft genome sequences of fungi isolated from the International Space Station during the Microbial Tracking-2 experiment, Microbiology Resource Announcements.

Datasets: GLDS-400

Hummerick M E, Khodadad C L M, Dixit A R, Spencer L E, Maldonado-Vasquez G J, Gooden J L, Spern C J, et al (2021). Spatial Characterization of Microbial Communities on Multi-Species Leafy Greens Grown Simultaneously in the Vegetable Production Systems on the International Space Station, Life.

Datasets: GLDS-412, GLDS-413 and GLDS-414