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Manzano A, Carnero-Diaz E, Herranz R, and Medina F J, (2022). Recent transcriptomic studies to elucidate the plant adaptive response to spaceflight and to simulated space environments, iScience.

Datasets: GLDS-7, GLDS-8, GLDS-17, GLDS-37, GLDS-38, GLDS-44, GLDS-120, GLDS-121, GLDS-144, GLDS-147, GLDS-205, GLDS-213, GLDS-217, GLDS-218, GLDS-220, GLDS-223, GLDS-251, GLDS-284, GLDS-313, GLDS-314, GLDS-321, GLDS-416, GLDS-427

Urbaniak C, Morrison M D, Thissen J B, Karouia F, Smith D J, Mehta S, Jaing C, et al (2022). Microbial Tracking-2, a metagenomics analysis of bacteria and fungi onboard the International Space Station, Microbiome.

Dataset: GLDS-252

Drago-Ferrante R, Di Fiore R, Karouia F, Subbannayya Y, Das S, Mathyk B A, Arif S, et al (2022). Extraterrestrial Gynecology: Could Spaceflight Increase the Risk of Developing Cancer in Female Astronauts? An Updated Review, Int. J. Mol. Sci. doi: 10.3390/ijms23137465

Hou F, Zhou X, Zhou S, Liu H, Huang Y E, Yuan M, Zhu J, et al (2022). DNA methylation dynamics associated with long-term isolation of simulated space travel, iScience. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2022.104493.

Dataset: GLDS-140

Paul A L, Elardo S M, and Ferl R, (2022). Plants grown in Apollo lunar regolith present stress-associated transcriptomes that inform prospects for lunar exploration, Communications Biology.

Dataset: GLDS-476

Nwanaji-Enwerem J C, Boileau P, Galazka J M, (2022). In Vitro Relationships of Galactic Cosmic Radiation and Epigenetic Clocks in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells, Environmental and Molecular

Dataset: GLDS-317

Manian V, Orozco-Sandoval J, Diaz-Martinez V, Janwa H, and Agrinsoni C, (2022). Detection of Target Genes for Drug Repurposing to Treat Skeletal Muscle Atrophy in Mice Flown in Spaceflight, Genes.

Datasets: GLDS-21GLDS-99, GLDS-101, GLDS-103, GLDS-104, GLDS-111, GLDS-135

Berrios D C, Galazka J, Grigorev K, Gebre S, and Costes S V, (2020). NASA GeneLab: interfaces for the exploration of space omics data, Nucleic Acids Research. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkaa887

Deane C S, Borg J, Cahill T, Carnero-Diaz E, Etheridge T, Hardiman G, Leys N, (2022). Space omics research in Europe: contributions, geographical distribution and ESA member  state funding schemes, iScience.

Bijlani S, Parker C, Singh N K, Sierra M A, Foox J, Wang C C C, Mason C E, and Venkateswaran K, (2022). Genomic Characterization of the Titan-like Cell Producing Naganishia tulchinskyi, the First Novel Eukaryote Isolated from the International Space Station, Journal of Fungi.

Datasets: GLDS-290