GeneLab for Universities (GL4U)

GL4U Volcano Plot
Volcano plot generated using jupyter notebook.

GL4U is designed by NASA GeneLab in collaboration with the GeneLab Educational Working Group (EWG) to provide space biology-relevant training in bioinformatics to the next generation of scientists through direct and indirect approaches. The GeneLab team plans to host two annual data processing bootcamps, one for college-level students (direct) and one for college educators (indirect – training of trainers), for each type of omics data hosted on the GeneLab Data Repository. During the bootcamps, participants will learn about space biology, experimental design, data generation and associated technology usage, and perform hands-on analysis of space-relevant omics data using GeneLab's standard processing pipelines. During the indirect bootcamp, educators will receive materials and training to enable them to run the direct bootcamp at their home institutions or alternatively to adapt the content to implement within existing college courses, thereby extending the reach of this initiative to more students.

Previous GL4U Bootcamps:

Upcoming GL4U Bootcamps:

  • Virtual GL4U: RNAseq Bootcamp (coming August 2024) - This bootcamp will cover the on-demand GL4U: Introduction and RNAseq modules (currently in development)

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