Biological and Physical Sciences Presents: Quantitative Genomics of Space Biology Workshop

May 26, 2021


What is Quantitative Genomics

Transforming spaceflight knowledge

Quantitative Genomics of Space Biology Workshop
Enhancing spaceflight knowledge through Quantitative Genomics

Exploration of deep space by humans requires a better understanding of how multiple environmental factors encountered during spaceflight (e.g., radiation, microgravity, altered atmospheric composition) impact biological systems including astronauts, plants, and relevant microbiomes.

Quantitative Genomics represents a collection of approaches to assess the genetic basis of phenotypic variation of individuals within a population, often with the focus of how a population is adapted to a specialized environment. Understanding how natural genetic variation in complex traits contributes to adaptive phenotypes can help identify genes important to that response. While these approaches have been indispensable to terrestrial research in genetic variation, they have not been applied to questions related to adaptation to the novel environment of spaceflight. 

Who's appearing at the workshop

Thought leaders in Space Biology and Quantitative Genomics

Many model organisms have been evaluated for their genomic responses to spaceflight, and multiple spaceflight transcriptomes have revealed suites of genes characteristic of the physiological adaptation of these organisms. But can we make better use of the spaceflight “phenome” to understand the underlying nature of the complex traits that help terrestrial organisms adjust to this novel environment? The goal of this workshop is to explore how tools of Quantitative Genomics can be applied to elucidating traits important to the physiological adaptation of terrestrial biology to exploration-relevant environments and develop a roadmap for leveraging these approaches through a combination of large-scale ground studies and more targeted flight studies. A successful application would contribute valuable component of a comprehensive plan for the next decade of space biology research.

In this workshop, we will bring together scientists that have expertise in spaceflight genomics with those that have experience in terrestrial Quantitative Genomics to explore the feasibility of Quantitative Genomic approaches to address critical questions in space biology.

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