Visualization Working Group Overview

The Visualization Working Group (VWG) is setup to allow the scientific community to assist GeneLab as a collaboration with the development of the visualization platform. This group consists of software engineers, bioinformaticians, and scientists applying their knowledge and tools to creating and developing visualization capabilities for GeneLab in two components. The first component will provide a Basic Visualization platform on GeneLab which will be hosted on GeneLab servers. This will allow creative and useful interactive visualization tools on GeneLab to allow investigators to easily analyze datasets on GeneLab and provide answers to space biology related questions. The second component we will provide is the Advanced Visualization Platform which will be hosted on Cyverse and will integrate a GenePatten Jupyter Notebook environment to allow for maximum capability of visualizing the data from GeneLab studies and interacting with the data. The advanced visualization platform will be designed for advanced users and bioinformaticians providing users the ability to set and manipulate parameters and tools to yield desired visualization of GeneLab studies.

These visualizations will be incorporated into the GeneLab Data Systems (GLDS) on October 1, 2019. If you have any questions or have a visualization tool that can be incorporated into GeneLab, please email Afshin Beheshti