Success Stories: Open Science interviews Henry Cope

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Welcome to our “Open Science Success Stories”. These narratives showcase insights gleaned from interviews with members of the Analysis Working Group (AWG) who have utilized Open Science datasets as a catalyst for advancing their careers in the field of space biology. The narratives shared by interviewees underscore the significance of raising public awareness about the availability of these data. This endeavor is vital in creating diverse opportunities for individuals to engage in scientific research, including the option to become part of the AWG community.

Henry is a PhD candidate in Data Science Approaches for Space Omics at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. He is also a research bioinformatician at the National Health Service Royal Marsden Hospital, where he analyzes data for clinical genomics. He participates in the Animal Analysis Working Group, and in the past, has presented research on how using digital technologies can improve muscle health in astronauts.

Hear Henry’s unique journey and how his experience with the Open Science datasets propelled his career in medical and space biology. Be inspired by his personal accounts that highlight the importance of spreading awareness about the accessibility of such data. Will the next Success Story be yours?

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