GeneLab Chats Interviews Dr John Z Kiss About His Latest Publication

Title slide for GeneLab Chats interview with Dr John Z Kiss

Welcome to the "GeneLab Chats" series, a platform where insightful conversations unfold with the authors of GeneLab-enabled publications. Within this concise interview format, GeneLab engages with researchers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the publication's scope and to explore the crucial roles played by the GeneLab data system in facilitating their groundbreaking research. This newest session features Dr John Z Kiss of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and highlights his plant research.

The prospect of long-term space travel necessitates accessibility to renewable sources of water, oxygen, and food. One notable difficulty for growing successful crop plants is the stress that plants undergo under microgravity conditions, and the associated detriments such as reduced growth, lower crop yields, and delayed flowering. The publication "Efficacy of the Random Positioning Machine as a Terrestrial Analogue to Microgravity in Studies of Seedling Phototropism" by Dr Kiss and colleagues compared their experimental results using a random positioning machine to the spaceflight samples from OSD-251.

GeneLab recently had the privilege of interacting with Dr Kiss to glean insights about this work and highlights how the Open Science data systems and Analysis Working Groups (AWGs) enabled this publication.

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