200 Omics Datasets and Counting

200 model organism datasets

Check out GeneLab's data repository for more than 200 space-related omics datasets. Download & analyze these datasets to reveal how the critical aspects of spaceflight -- microgravity, radiation, and a closed-loop environment -- contribute to gene expression changes.

GeneLab provides raw microarray, RNA-sequencing, bisulfite-sequencing, proteomic, metabolomic, and metagenomic data from spaceflight and spaceflight-relevant biological experiments. 

For the past year, the top five datasets in GeneLab's repository include:

1. Rodent - https://genelab-data.ndc.nasa.gov/genelab/accession/GLDS-48

2. Microbial -  https://genelab-data.ndc.nasa.gov/genelab/accession/GLDS-65

3. Zebrafish -  https://genelab-data.ndc.nasa.gov/genelab/accession/GLDS-123

4. Human -  https://genelab-data.ndc.nasa.gov/genelab/accession/GLDS-140

5. Human - https://genelab-data.ndc.nasa.gov/genelab/accession/GLDS-13

If you have data from spaceflight or spaceflight-relevant biological experiments, including microbe, plant, and animal studies, consider uploading your raw data to GeneLab’s data repository where the data processing team will analyze it and make the data available to the public.

To learn more about the effects of confounding variables in spaceflight datasets check out GeneLab's repository https://genelab-data.ndc.nasa.gov/genelab/projects

To submit your data go to: https://genelab-data.ndc.nasa.gov/genelab/submissions