GeneLab Summer Interns Developing Computation Pipelines for Analysis of Biological Data


How does spaceflight impact astronauts and other organisms? To find out, 10 GeneLab summer interns are busy working with GeneLab Analysis Working Groups to develop computational pipelines for the analysis of biological data housed within GeneLab (plant, animal, and microbial). The output of these pipelines will soon be PUBLICLY available on GeneLab, allowing anyone to make discoveries about how biological systems react to spaceflight.

This 10-week summer internship is taking place at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, CA. Students are provided a stipend and offered affordable housing at Ames. The program is closed for 2018 and will reopen in spring 2019. Stay tuned!

To access & download spaceflight biology data go to the GeneLab Data Repository:

Read up on GeneLab Analysis Working Groups:

For information about NASA internships visit GeneLab's Intern Resource page at: