Come Work for GeneLab as a Scientific Lab Technician or Data Curator

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Interested in a career at NASA? The GeneLab Project at Ames Research Center is searching for a Scientific Lab Technician, and a Data Curator. GeneLab is an omics repository enabling open science for NASA and offers the research community access to critical spaceflight datasets.

GeneLab Scientific Lab Technician

The Scientific Laboratory Technician will be responsible for processing biological samples from various model organisms to extract, purify and archive RNA and DNA, perform sample quantification, make next generation sequencing libraries using an automated automation platform, perform RNA and DNA sequencing, and much more.

GeneLab Data Curator

The Data Curator will provide support for data acquisition, curation and system operations. The incumbent will support and coordinate bioinformatics efforts, and with the user community and collaborators (within NASA, academia and industry) for GeneLab. The incumbent will also provide support to the omics and bioinformatics community for the software development team, and more.