Submitting Datasets to GeneLab

Please use the following process to contribute your data to NASA GeneLab:

1. Click Here to email the GeneLab Operations staff ( a brief description of your study. The questions in this form email are copied below for reference:

Your Full Name:

Organizational Affiliation:

Your Role in Study:

In order for us to plan how to receive your data through NASA IT systems, we need information on your citizenship:

____ (type an X if true) I affirm I am a United States Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident.

If you are not a United States Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident, then please provide your full business mailing address.

Please share a concise explanation of the relevance of your data to NASA, for example: funding source, flight vehicle, experimental factor (radiation, microgravity, gravitropism, etc.).

Please share a brief description of all data and metadata that you intend to submit, including:

Data Types(s):
Approximate size of data file(s):

By submitting this request, I am certifying that all data sent by me to NASA GeneLab through any means are compliant with the Terms and Conditions listed on GeneLab's "Terms and Conditions" page at

2. Create a GeneLab Workspace user account

3. GeneLab uses the ISAcreator tool to define an experimental study and store the metadata. To download the ISAcreator tool, click on the following link: bundled with ISAcreator (ZIP - 44.4MB). For step-by-step instructions on how to set up ISAcreator and how to view metadata, please download our tutorial (PDF - 2.5MB).

4. Follow the steps in the Submission Guide.pdf on how to submit metadata and data files to GeneLab

GeneLab Data Operations Staff will review submitted files and send the Submitter an email with status updates, requests for additional metadata or files, and submission completion status. Once data submission is completed and approved, submitted study will be made public in the GeneLab Data Repository on the requested release. For updates to your public dataset, please send an email to the GeneLab Operations staff ( and follow the steps in the submission guide to update and submit your updated files to GeneLab.