New Study Submission Portal Software Released

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GeneLab’s latest software release includes new features and improvements to the study submission portal recently made available to the public. The GeneLab Environment for Online Data Entry (GEODE) is a web-based system that allows researchers to submit spaceflight and space-relevant omics data to be published in the Data Repository. This version of the submission portal is currently transitioning out of BETA.

GEODE provides GeneLab curators and users with a user-friendly platform to create, update, and submit a study for public release. New in this release are improved sample table controls, user profile management, and free text (custom) ontology. GeneLab curators are also now able to control the visibility of data files, link related studies, and configure a study to show visualization.

Powered by Metabolights, GeneLab has integrated and customized this tool for spaceflight omics data submission. This is the final major release of GEODE, with usability and improvement releases still to come.

New Workspace BETA

GeneLab’s latest software release also includes an all new redesign of the GeneLab Workspace. The new workspace is currently in BETA while the existing workspace is phased out. Come explore the new user interface at To access it, first login at