Establishing Standards for Space Omics


The Mission

In collaboration with the science community, GeneLab helped launch the International Standards for Space Omics Processing (ISSOP) consortium. The ISSOP is a global consortium comprised of scientists from around the world to develop, share, and encourage sample processing standardization and metadata normalization of spaceflight omics experiments. ISSOP aims to optimize the conditions for scientists and the general public to derive valid hypotheses from these precious data by reducing confounding factors and increasing interoperability at the global level. These standardization efforts are crucial for understanding the effects of spaceflight on biological organisms and preparing the international community for developing safe and effective crewed space exploration beyond low earth orbit.


ISSOP aims to develop and iteratively refine protocol guidelines related to space omics sample processing. ISSOP currently hosts the latest protocols from various regions that each provide specific expertise collectively on their GitHub page.


Check out the latest publication from ISSOP below: