No. 10: Data, Software Updates to GeneLab Data System Release 1.0.17

Greetings From GeneLab!

It’s been a busy few months on the project: new data, upgraded metadata viewer, and conferences.

Investigations Added!

GeneLab added 13 new investigations and updated two investigations in the GeneLab Data System (GLDS) for a total of 116 investigations. 

DNA, ISS, Earth collage

Updated Investigations

Metadata – ISACreator tool

The best way to look at GLDS metadata is to use the ISACreator tool. GeneLab has added the latest Java-based ISACreator version 1.7.9 tool, bundled with the GeneLab-specific configuration for the user community to download. As described on our Data Systems submission page, the tool is available for direct download here: (44.4MB).

GeneLab at Conferences

GeneLab and Space Biology representatives from NASA Ames Research Center will cohost exhibit booths or make presentations at several upcoming conferences.  

Stop by the NASA GeneLab and Space Biology exhibit booth and introduce yourself!

GeneLab team at conference

In the NASA GeneLab and Space Biology exhibit booth at the Experimental Biology Conference, San-Huei Lai (left) and Elizabeth Keller (right) chat with students about internships and careers at NASA.

Publications Citing GeneLab

We would like to know! Please send us your citation so that we can include it in our metrics and post it on the GeneLab website.

The GeneLab Team