GeneLab Collaboration Enables Generation of New Data

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GeneLab is proud to announce the release of data from a collaboration with Dr. Xiao Mao of Loma Linda University. The collaboration provided supplemental funding for multi-omic analyses of multiple tissues from the ground study entitled, “Role of Oxidative Stress in Mediating the Effects of Combined Exposure to Simulated Microgravity and Radiation on Neurovascular Remodeling in Mouse (NNX13AL97G),” funded by NASA’s Space Biology program. The longitudinal study examined the independent and combined responses to low dose radiation and hind-limb unloading as a surrogate for spaceflight.

This GeneLab collaboration has enabled the generation of transcriptomic and epigenomic (Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing) data from retina and brain samples published in GLDS-202 and GLDS-203, respectively, as well transcriptomic data from skin and spleen that will be published at a later date. A full summary of the experiment is available in NASA’s Taskbook.