Ames SpaceX-8 Launch Event / Mike Skidmore
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Space Enthusiasts Learn about GeneLab and Space Biology Experiments at Ames SpaceX-8 Launch Event

2016 April — 8
Place — NASA Ames Research Center Moffett Field, CA 94035
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NASA’s Ames Research Center hosted a public event to view the televised launch of the eighth SpaceX mission to resupply the International Space Station on April 8, 2016. Members of the public were invited to attend. They learned about the GeneLab project and other Ames’ research projects that launched with the mission.

The mission to the space station carried five life science experiments related to Ames Research Center:

• Micro-9, a study of cell signaling and responses to microgravity in yeast.
• Micro-10, a study of the effects of spaceflight on the growth, gene expression and physiological responses of fungal cells.
• Microbial Tracking-1C, the third in a series of studies that investigates the airborne and surface-bound populations of microorganisms aboard the space station.
• Rodent Research-3, a commercial investigation that evaluates a countermeasure against muscle weakening during spaceflight.
• The validation flight of Wetlab-2, a new system for conducting quantitative, real-time gene expression analyses aboard the station.

GeneLab Project Manager Mike Skidmore explained to space enthusiasts how data from these life science investigations will be shared with the science research community via NASA’s open-access GeneLab data system. “GeneLab data are available worldwide with no restrictions. We believe that open access to all these fundamental data will facilitate the development of new scientific hypotheses not previously conceived and novel experiments not previously envisioned.” Skidmore said.

The event featured a live NASA TV broadcast of the launch, an overview of Ames’ research on the space station, presentations from Ames scientists and engineers and information booths about Ames’ space biology research and GeneLab.

For more information, please visit: Space Enthusiasts Invited to Learn about Ames Space Biology Experiments, View Televised SpaceX Launch

Place — NASA Ames Research Center Moffett Field, CA 94035
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