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GeneLab scientists present at Society for Developmental Biology and Conference of the International Society of Differentiation

2016 August — 4-8
Place — Boston, MA
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The Society for Developmental Biology (SDB) and International Society of Differentiation held a joint annual meeting in Boston, MA attended by over 900 scientists including representatives from all the major continents. NASA’s GeneLab scientists Sigrid Reinsch and Dan Berrios presented a 45-minute informational workshop and a booth highlighting GeneLab and NASA’s Space Biosciences program. The early morning workshop was attended by approximately 40 students, postdocs and scientists including Dr. Robb Krumlauf of the Stowers Institute, current SDB president, Dr.Ida Chow, executive officer of the SDB and representatives from NIH.

During the four-day conference, 150 meeting attendees visited the booth wanting information about GeneLab and NASA life sciences research on the International Space Station, grant funding opportunities, student internships, and NASA post-doctoral fellowships. Approximately 90% of the booth visitors were undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students interested in opportunities to work with NASA; 5% were professors and researchers from academia; and the remaining 5% were public affairs representatives, other exhibitors, and members of the commercial sector.

For more information visit https://www.sdbonline.org/2016mtg.

Place — Boston, MA
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