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GeneLab Platform

Public Release of NASA GeneLab Data System 1.0

April 15, 2015 —

NASA is announcing the release of GeneLab Data System 1.0, the first version of NASA's open-access, online searchable data repository for Space Biology experiments.

Based on the philosophy of open science, the GeneLab Platform will maximize the scientific return on investment and maximize the use of the International Space Station given the limited number of biological research opportunities in space. Open science will expand the number of researchers in the community, bringing new ideas and innovation to space biology research, while enabling discovery and advances for both NASA Exploration and Earth-based benefit.

The scientific community is invited to use the GeneLab Data System, browse and download data, and make requests to submit new data.  Contributions are highly valued and enable the growth and development of the data system.  Users are also invited to provide feedback, through the data system, to continually update and improve the open science capabilities of GeneLab.

The release of GeneLab Data System 1.0 is part of the first of four phases in the NASA GeneLab project. The data system can be found online at:

The GeneLab project is supported by the Space Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications Division at NASA Headquarters, and the International Space Station Research Integration Office. The GeneLab project is managed by the Space Biosciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center.

More information about GeneLab can also be found in the GeneLab Strategic Plan.

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