Register for the AWG Workshop - Learn how you can analyze space omics data!

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Analysis Working Group Workshop

November 10th and 12th 

10 AM - 2 PM PT

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New to GeneLab? Want to learn more about Space Biology and Omics? Register to join this year's Analysis Working Group (AWG) Workshop.

The AWG workshop will be fully virtual. There will be two-half day sessions designed to highlight AWG accomplishments and recruit new AWG members.  

This workshop will allow AWG members and the public an opportunity to check out compelling science talks from keynote and invited speakers, along with research presentations from AWG members. There will also be two networking breakouts for AWG members to connect with the public and each other.  

So come and join us for an invigorating workshop filled with science!

Click here to learn more about the AWGs and workshop details.

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