GSEA Now Available through the Visualization Portal

GSEA Plots

GeneLab’s latest software release includes new functionality and plots to the existing visualization portal.  This portal allows users to interact with gene expression data from space-related omics experiments and previously included a Gene Expression Query Table, Heatmap, Pair Plot, and Volcano Plot.  This latest upgrade includes new displays and customizations settings to the Heatmap plots and added settings to customize Pair and Volcano plots. 

With this recent upgrade, the visualization portal has now expanded to include Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) plots.  GSEA is an analysis method that determines whether a defined set of genes shows statistically significant and concordant differences between two biological states.

GSEA shows the functional biological changes occurring between two biological states. Several plot types that can be found in GSEA include:

  • NES Table—the Normalized Enrichment Score table provides the enrichment sore and normalized enrichment score for a gene set.
  • Enrichment Score Plot—provides a graphical view of the enrichment score for a gene set as the analysis moves down a ranked gene list.
  • NES Plot—the Normalized Enrichment Score plot provides a graphical view of the normalized enrichment score for gene sets sorted by ascending NES.
  • Dot Plot—visualize the top activated and suppressed enriched gene ontology terms.
  • Ridge Plot—grouped by gene set, density plots are generated by using the frequency of fold change values per gene within each set.
  • Network Plot—organizes enriched terms into a network that shows connections between overlapping gene sets.

Clockwise from top left on the image: NES plot, Dot plot, Network plot, and Ridge plot.  Start exploring the new plots and data on the visualization portal today!