AWG Symposium 2022

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Come join us for the 2022 AWG Symposium which will be held on June 30th from 10 am - 2:30 pm PT!  The Analysis Working Group (AWG) is comprised of scientists with diverse backgrounds and is subdivided into five main areas of expertise: plant, animal, microbes, multi-omics, and ALSDA.  The AWG members focus on establishing consensus pipelines, discuss processed data and analyze GeneLab data that enables new discoveries. In this free virtual event that is open to the public, attendees will have an opportunity to hear about some of the exciting omics science that is stemming from the AWG community. The symposium will feature:

  • Keynote address from NASA Astronaut Kathleen "Kate" Rubins
  • Scientific presentations from invited speakers and AWG members that have expertise in data science, plant biology, systems biology, microbiology, and space medicine. 

If you are intrigued by the science occurring in the AWGs, then we would love for you to join!  Learn more about how to join the AWG during the event.  Click the button below to view the agenda and register.

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