AWG charter gets a facelift!

AWG wording

In 2018, the NASA GeneLab project established Analysis Working Groups with the goal of maximizing the generation of new knowledge from rare and complex spaceflight-relevant omics datasets within the GeneLab Data System (GLDS). The Analysis Working Groups (AWGs) represent four model organism areas of expertise: plants, multi-omics/systems biology, microbes, and animals (mammals, non-mammals). The purpose of these groups is to optimize the processing of raw omics data from the GeneLab repository and assess and improve the effectiveness of the GLDS through extensive utilization of analytics.

Since their inception in 2018, the Analysis Working Groups have evolved and adopted some new changes to the way they operate.  In 2022, the existing AWG charter was revised to reflect some of those modifications, and below is a list of the major changes from the original version, to include:

  • New wording around high school and undergraduate student sponsorship and expectations
  • An election cycle to refresh leadership should the AWG desire to do so
  • A section on standardizing citations for AWG related work or activities 
  • A disclaimer around having any direct affiliation with NASA
  • A code of conduct with expected behavior to be followed by all AWG members

You can view the new Analysis Working Group charter in its entirety to learn more about expectations and how the AWGs operate. If you are new and interested in joining the AWGs, then please visit the “How to join an AWG” page on our website to learn more.